Appearing for the first time on Instagram in 2014, POORGRRRL is the culmination of the Miami based artist Tara Long’s worst dreams and best nightmares.  As an online identity or IRL, POORGRRRL challenges viewers and listeners with convoluted lyrics and a lo-fi “fuck it” demeanor.  She presents an alternative personality to pop culture, appropriating it where she must.  She is on a quest to save Miami, her birthplace and home, from it’s own reputation, before it goes underwater.  

In October 2015, shortly after her premier performance at iii Points Music Festival, she released “Triptic,” an 11-minute music video, ending with the single “we Trashy.” It ignited a debate amongst YouTube and Reddit users over the artistic validity of the work.  The critics such as, Go Fu ck Yourself, pointed out the obvious, describing it as “garbage,” while defenders used hash tags such as #hatersdontgetit and #futureofmusic to describe the video. 

During Art Basel 2015 in Miami (December), after appearing on the cover of the Miami New Times Art Basel edition, she installed audio/visual work at the “Littlest Sisters Art Fair” (Spinello Projects), and performed alongside Shamir at The New Contemporary Art Museum (ICA).  In 2016, she has performed at the International Noise Conference in Miami and Okeechobee Music Festival.

Her debut EP, “PITIPARTI”, is a collection of her work so far, preceding a full-length set for release in the near future.

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